It’s difficult to look at a meeting verification form and not sometimes wonder – “Is this real?”  It’s so important for clients to attend meetings to solidify their recovery.  MeetingMaker assures actual attendance, via geolocation technology present in any smartphone.


In-person meetings are verified by geolocation, but what about virtual and online meetings?  MeetingMaker records those as well.   Clients can add notes to attended meetings, creating narratives to verify their participation.

MeetingMaker creates an uneditable record of each meeting, held safely in the cloud.  Clients can’t lose a paper, forget a paper, or wash it, or otherwise claim they weren’t able to verify the meeting.

MeetingMaker doesn’t need internet or wifi to record meeting attendance.  Offline meetings are automatically verified when the phone regains connectivity.


Each week, you will receive a report of all meetings your clients attend.  Meetings are grouped by type, such as:

  • Recovery – i.e., AA, NA, MA, CA, Celebrate Recovery, SMART, etc.
  • Community Service Hours
  • Counseling Appointments
  • Sponsor/Peer Support
  • Other (measuring the # of meetings or the # of hours)

The best part is – you will receive all of your clients’ attendance in one report!

The report shows both summary and detail for each client, including:

  • Who is making their goals and who is not, allowing you to focus on clients who need extra support;
  • How many weeks each client has been in the program;
  • How many weeks they made their goals;
  • Current weeks in a row that goals have been kept;
  • In the detail, it shows when they arrived late or left early, warnings, anomalies, and all client notes.

Because the client receives their own report, MeetingMaker keeps you and your clients on the same page about their progress.


Many clients come into courts and other oversight systems in trouble, vulnerable, and looking for solutions.  During this process of addressing their substance use disorder, they are directed to recovery and other public-facing meetings.

This is a very humbling hurdle to clear for anyone – but these clients have an additional barrier.  They must display their paper for everyone to see, creating a shameful stigma that can make the hurdle insurmountable.  Their experience becomes something “set apart” from the very people they are trying to connect with, which can be isolating, alienating, and recovery-prohibitive.  As one client states:

“MeetingMaker – if it were available when I first began my recovery – it would have allowed me to remain anonymous among the anonymous.  It would have been invaluable. Humans crave connection. As we heal, we are taught that connection is vital to sobriety. As a member of AA who is legally required to walk court paperwork to the front of the room at the beginning of a meeting creates a shameful demarcation. Our dedication feels questioned. It creates a dynamic that, once again, separates us from the whole.”

MeetingMaker protects clients’ privacy.   MeetingMaker allows clients to experience their recovery journey the same way those outside these systems do.  It allows them to tell their story – not by a piece of paper, but with their own words, in their own time.

Also, something important happens when the client takes responsibility for their own recovery.  MeetingMaker puts this in clients’ hands, as adults who are relied on to manage their own goals.

Clients will want to use this technology, because they can experience recovery without the stigma of paper, while being able to own their recovery goals.


Cooperating with 12-step fellowships can at times be disheartening for clients and court professionals.  Some meetings aren’t willing to verify attendance at all, while others treat those with papers as suspect, not serious, forced to attend, and as outsiders.   Forms may be passed back during meetings, allowing anyone to view a client’s form – including their full name, their PO’s name, and all of the other meetings they have attended.  This affects clients’ safety.

MeetingMaker solves these issues as well, by keeping verification the private business of the client, removing the unpredictability of these unwanted encounters.   Members’ anonymity remains intact, which enhances better cooperation with 12-step fellowships.


MeetingMaker can be purchased by clients directly, as well as implemented through systems on a contractual basis to be offered to clients.  Please contact us at for more information about B2B and B2G implementations.