Finally – Real Meeting Attendance Verification


Reports attendance automatically for entire caseload.


Your reason for attending is your business. You choose where your data goes.


GPS verification creates trusted, secure, uneditable record.

The Paper Problem

  • Prone to error and loss.
  • Paper storage and data entry is lengthy, cumbersome and expensive
  • Paper verification creates a lack of privacy and stigmatization
  • Hard to see and manage progress

MeetingMaker eliminates the paper problem by verifying attendance by geolocation – and creates one comprehensive, user-friendly report both for users, and for an entire caseload!

How this app will make your life much easier. The MeetingMaker app when installed on your phone empowers you to provide verifiable, accurate reports of your recovery meeting attendance and community service hours. No more stressing out over lost or damaged paper forms.

  • Virtual Meeting verification available
  • See your progress on meeting goals
  • No internet? No problem. Offline verfication
  • Privacy and dignity protected
  • Record community service hours
  • Reports anomiles, like address spoofing or phone changing

Where meeting verification is easy and discreet

Download MeetingMaker today and see for yourself how easy and reliable it is to verify attendance at recovery meetings.

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