Your Privacy Protected

Verification without the hassle

No more paper forms

You are taking the time to go to recovery meetings.  Maybe you are required to do this by a court or you need to do this for another reason.  It may be important to provide regular updates to a court worker or someone else.

It’s time to simplify your efforts

Walking into a recovery meeting as a new person is stressful enough.  But having to ask someone you don’t know to sign your paper is another layer of stress that you shouldn’t have to experience.

Your reason for being at any recovery meeting are your business.  We built this solution to give you back the your discretion.


  • MeetingMaker is a discreet and reliable substitution for meeting attendance paper forms. You control who knows about your situation.
  • Use your MeetingMaker app on your phone to create reliable, secure, accurate record of attendance for any meeting.
  • Reporting is easy. Just add contacts to automatically receive reports of your meeting attendance.  You control who sees this information.

No more paper

Accountability plus.  Paper minus.

The MeetingMaker app when installed on your phone empowers you to provide verifiable, accurate reports of your recovery meeting attendance and community service hours. No more stressing out over lost or damaged paper forms.  

You control how and when to send your report.

Additional benefits are:

No one at the recovery meeting needs to know about your circumstances.  Your  privacy and dignity are protected.

Works offline.  No internet access necessary.

You control who receives a report of your meeting attendance.  Your information is not shared by any third parties.

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